Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is simple: Any information you provide to us can, and may, be used by me for any reason. We will protect your privacy if you specifically ask us to, and we specifically agree to do so in writing (that writing will need to be signed by Marc J. Randazza). However, the default is that there is no expectation of privacy on this blog.

When you comment, your IP address is logged. If you have legitimately defamed someone or you have done anything else to deliberately cause harm to another person, I can and will provide your IP address and any other personal information I gather to any interested person. If you are an incredible douchebag (in my sole opinion), I have no qualms about publishing your IP address.

On the other hand, if you behave, your information will be protected. I will never sell your information to anyone for a commercial purpose nor for any other reason without prior permission from you. Revealing your identity for profit — that’s something that we don’t do. Revealing your identity to expose a douchebag — yeah, we do that.


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